22nd and 23rd April 2015 D&T Expo and Malta Robotics Olympiad opened their doors to the Public

D&T- MRO invite

The organising team for the overall technological events was set up by Education Officers from Computing and D&T, e-Learning department HoDs, MCST officials and IMS CEO. The team met as early as November 2014 when the idea of a larger joint event was taken up.

The Malta Robotics Olympiad (MRO) has five-year experience in the event and have been looking forward to expand the activity in different ways. The MRO competition attracts 15-20 groups each year to compete in robotic tasks.  Junior and Elementary categories are available for schools.  An open category is also available to all ages to bring a robotic maker culture in the equation.

The D&T Expo was the first of its kind but the Design & Technology Learning Centre (DTLC), which organised the event, had previously participated in other Tech fairs locally, namely the EMBED, which was also the cradle of MRO. This year, however, DTLC opted to introduce a full EXPO concept that went beyond a stand that represents the subject. In fact, the D&T Expo 2015  aimed to bring together all state and church schools in a full day of D&T activities, while exhibiting D&T work from schools to other schools but also to the general public.

Thanks to the second day extension of the original MRO date, all entities could come together for the first public event in technology and robotics.  The Event which took place at the Cottonera Sport Complex, happened on the 22nd April 5-8 pm. On the same day, MRO held a full day of competitive robotic challenges, while D&T were there with a display of projects and CNC demonstration. The evening event was eventually a shared floor between the two entities and attracted more than 300 visitors from the general public. This was a real success as the unprecedented event succeeded in establishing itself as the only Tech and Robotics convention with the participation of students, parents, stakeholders, various departments and sponsors.

The 22nd April evening event can now only grow further as it has laid the ground for future improvement and received very good endorsements and coverage.  Hon. Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport, visited the event both in the morning and also presented awards to the MRO winning teams in the evening.

Meanwhile The D&T expo was officially launched by Hon. Agius on the same event.


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