The National D&T Expo 2015

The first edition of National D&T Expo was held at the Cottonera Sports Complex, Boċċi Drome and was organised by the Design and Technology Learning Centre (Directorate for Curriculum Management, MEDE) in collaboration with the Church Schools’ D&T Department (coordinated by their HoD). The D&T Educators Association Malta – DTEAM – also supported the event.
The D&T Expo was part of a 2-day Technology event, where on the morning of the 22nd April, the Malta Robotics Olympics (MRO) organised by the Computing Department (DCM), MCST, the e-Learning department and other stakeholders, took place. Following that, a shared public event took place in the evening of the 22nd April and the D&T Expo was open for school visits on the morning of the 23rd April.
The D&T Expo consisted of an exhibition of students’ D&T projects from respective state and church schools in Malta. The DTLC put up a very busy stand with functioning CNC machines and other activities. Moreover, on-going challenges were offered to all those attending whereby visitors could team up, design and build models of part of a futuristic sustainable city, among other D&T activities.

The Design and Technology Learning Centre (Directorate for Curriculum Management, MEDE), headed by Mr Keith Galea, EO D&T , is the central hub for D&T support, training, planning and development. Thanks to the highly dedicated support staff (teachers and technicians) at DTLC, events like the D&T EXPO can bridge the gap between D&T teaching&learning and the real world.

The collaboration with the Robotics Olympiad was also a very appropriate alliance. D&T should always be relevant to the technological world we live in today and automation is one area that naturally builds on design and technology, innovation and creativity. This aspect should inspire our teachers and students to explore this area and other innovative technologies.


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